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DD Audio Product Spotlight: DM2500 and DM1500 Amplifiers - cover

DD Audio Product Spotlight: DM2500 and DM1500 Amplifiers

August 23, 2017

The latest additions to the D Series amplifier lineup are specifically designed to do what DD Audio does best, making big bass! Only now, with the new DM1500 and DM2500 joining the D Series lineup, that big bass is more affordable than ever before! The DM1500 is rated at 1500 watts RMS and 2300 watts Dynamic at 1 Ohm and retails for $399 USD. The DM2500 USD is rated at 2500 watts RMS and 3000 watts Dynamic at 1 Ohm and retails for just $489. Both amps provide some very solid DD Audio power at an unheard of value without compromising on quality. These amps have all the features a proper sub amp should have making installation, setup, and operation a breeze!


  • 0 Gauge Power Terminals
  • 10 Gauge Speaker Lead Terminals
  • FR4 Double Sided Through Hole PCB
  • Variable 24dB/Oct Bandpass Crossovers
  • Strappable Connection
  • Remote Control
  • 5-Way Protection Circuitry

The DM power supplies and output sections utilize many of the same top shelf components found in only the highest quality sub amps such as the DD Audio M-Series. We also designed the DM’s preamp gain structure to easily match up with today’s aftermarket head units and line output converters, both of which are notorious for having low RCA voltage output. DD’s level of attention to design and build quality allows the DM amps to outperform many other companies so called competition amps at a very competitive price.

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