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Face Shield Open Source Files Available

March 27, 2020

DD Audio, a manufacturer of high-quality mobile audio products, is temporarily shifting and reallocating resources to aid in any way to assist with essential services and supplies needed in response to the Coronavirus epidemic.

Our engineers have developed an exceptionally low cost, yet effective Face Shield offering comfort and protection to those in need. Face shields have been invaluable in stopping COVID19 from reaching the N95 masks and the faces of healthcare workers wearing them. These shields are laser cut, have only five simple components making them easy to take down and re-assemble and can be re-used with disposable mylar in a variety of lengths and thicknesses.

We have made this design completely open source and have made the files available for anyone with the resources available to make these face shields. If you have a laser cutter or water jet cutter, anything to cut plastic accurately, you can build these!

Download Resources:

Parts list:
1 – 16”x1” PETG Headband
1 – 11.75”x1”x1.5” Foam Pad
1 – 8.5”x11” .007 Mylar Film
1 – 10.5” Double Sided Tape – Cut Into (2) 1.5” and (2) 3.75” Pieces

The components needed for a face shield, foam, elastic band, double sided tape, mylar sheet and laser cut  strip