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Good Riddance 2020 – A Message from the CEO

December 31, 2020

Happy Fukin New Year!

If you are reading this letter, congratulations!

Wow, what a year! This may be the happiest good riddance to a year in recent memory, and an even happier ring in for 2021. In a strange sequence of events, our best laid plans within plans left much to be desired, and for most, where we thought we were going in our personal and business lives this year went wayward. Each passing month forced unforseen pivots, and I doubt we’ll ever take for granted our past normalcy.

There is no way to put a pretty bow on 2020, we are all piecing back together those best laid plans and looking to the future. As a company we listened to our customers’ feedback and reflected on what we do well and what we need to improve in order to meet the market pivots that accelerated this past year. We made staff and priority changes that we feel will help us adapt and be a better partner in the years to come.

One positive by-product of this year was that our industry, as a whole, saw a renewed consumer interest resulting in a record year for many shops. Hopefully, this is one of the things that sticks around even after everything settles down.    

We know nothing came easy this year and we thank everyone for their continued communication as we get through this to a better place. 2021 won’t bring change in and of itself, the changes will ride in on the effort, thought and labor that got us through 2020.

So, let’s keep our sleeves rolled up and continue to make the best of it. Hang in there!

Jassa Langford

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