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M series amps and zvl module cover

Product Spotlight: Strength in Numbers – The M3d, M5a, ZVL and M Series Vanity Plate

November 17, 2020

When it comes to power, there is strength in numbers. For those who need the most sound out of their competition and demo vehicles, a multi-amplifier system is the only way to go. Unfortunately, as many builders know, this can lead to various inefficiencies and a messy setup. But DD Audio’s in-house engineering team has a solution to this and so much more with the latest revisions of the M3d and M5a amplifiers and the brand new ZVL Multi-Amplifier Syncing Module.

M Series Revisions

The latest revisions of the M3d and M5a amplifiers push the design limits of the traditional M Series circuit as far as it can go. The circuitry has been optimized for maximum power delivery and their chassis have been revised for better cooling and the optional M Series Vanity Plate. These amps are also the first offerings from DD to be ZVL ready making multi-amp systems easier to set up and control.

The NEW ZVL Module

The ZVL multi-amplifier synching module allows a user to link, strap, and tune the preamps of multiple amplifiers from a single module. The ZVL was designed to work seamlessly with the new M Series, but it will also work with the DD Audio DM Series as well as other brands of amplifiers.

The ZVL can take the place of several separate components commonly used when setting up multi amp systems. It can replace a line driver, RCA distribution block, external bass knob, and external crossover.

Up to five amplifiers can connect to one ZVL, and multiple ZVLs can be linked together when more outputs are needed.

M Series Vanity Plate

Amplify your aesthetics when you add one of these limited edition acrylic vanity plates to your next M Series install you will truly stand out from the crowd. CNC cut and engraved at our OKC headquarters these plates are available in two variations; Black and Clear (LED Ready).

The Clear plates come with two end caps for installing up to 4mm wide LED strips (not included) so you can turn your amp rack into an illuminating experience.

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