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Install Highlight: 2015 Cadillac XTS - cover

Install Highlight: 2015 Cadillac XTS

November 8, 2017

Most mobile audio fans at some point wax poetic about what we would do if we had no real restrictions for a build, but the true fact is that most of us have glaring restrictions that keep us from realizing those goals. Luckily for us, there are those daring souls who put it all out there, reach for the stars, and achieve the greatness that motivates us all to do better than we have before. This build is a shining example of what is possible when the right ideas, equipment, and talent all collide in a beautiful symphony of resplendence.

For most folks, just having a 2015 Cadillac XTS is already a victory of sorts. It’s the kind of car that says, “Hey, I’ve made it. I have ARRIVED.” Now, take that same vehicle, drizzle it with a stunner of a two tone Kandy Brandywine paint job, making certain not to leave out the tasteful adornment of the trim as well, set that monster on 26” Forgiato’s (color matched, of course) and you’ve set the bar pretty high for your infotainment upgrades to live up to. This is where the hardworking team at Xtreme Audio and Performance in Ocala, FL, come into play.

They were able to stuff a monster system in this boulevard beast, worthy of the vessel that would contain it. From the custom enclosure to the fabrication of the door panels to the expert upholstery work, the results speak for themselves (look at that headliner!). The talented crew at Xtreme Audio was able to cram in the following DD products to get this bad Caddy rockin’.

3 – Shuriken SK-BT120 battery
1 – LC6i Audio control
1 – DD X1 Signal Processor
2 – DD M2 Amplifier
2 – DD C3d Amplifier
1 – DD C5d Amplifier
4 – DD 3512 Subwoofers
10 – DD VO-B3 Tweeters
10 – DD VO-M8 Drivers

When asked about how he learned of DD as a brand, owner TJ Lafferty recalled having heard the brand mentioned amongst his group of 12v minded brethren and so, he figured he would give them a shot. He has never had to look back and even features DD Audio as his go-to gear at his second location. He went on to say that the combination of quality product and satisfied customers made DD Audio his choice of gear, including in his own personal vehicles.

Remember, if you are like most of us and dream of a system on another level, check out some DD Audio gear at your local dealer, and if you are fortunate enough to live in central Florida, go see the experts at Xtreme Audio and Performance and let your dreams run wild!