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LE Loaded Enclosures: All About That BASS, No Trouble - cover

LE Loaded Enclosures: All About That BASS, No Trouble

November 20, 2017
DD Audio Product Spotlight | WRITTEN BY KEVIN DOYLE | 20 November 2017

The easiest way to instantly improve your vehicle’s sound system is to add sub stage reinforcement. As easy as it may be, there are still a few obstacles people run into when they consider quenching their thirst for better sound through more bass.

Luckily, DD has developed the LE Series of pre-loaded enclosures. The LE Series clears the road to audio bliss for these deprived, yet hesitant individuals.

Obstacle 1: It’s too expensive.

With the LE Series starting at just $199, it leaves room in your budget to get a matching DD Audio amplifier and door speakers. If you want even more savings, present this 10% off coupon to your DD dealer for a discount on qualifying upgrade options.

Obstacle 2: It’s too much hassle to put together a properly designed sub system.

DD has done all the enclosure design and matching work for you. The LE pre-loaded enclosures use the DD Box system which was developed to work specifically with DD subs. Unlike the wimpy economy subs most other companies preload their enclosures with, the DD Audio LE Series is equipped with one of our 500 Series subwoofers. The 500 Series subs have a 1200 Watt burst power rating and feature Dual Voice Coils. This allows the LE enclosures to handle some real power, and they can be wired at 1 or 4 Ohm from maximum flexibility when finding the perfect DD Audio amp.

Obstacle 3: It’ll take up too much precious cargo space to get some actual hard hitting bass.

By using the DD Box system, these enclosures have been intelligently designed to produce big, accurate, bass from a compact space. The smallest footprint in the series is just 5×16 inches (LE-S), which leaves you plenty enough room for groceries, luggage, or whatever else you need to toss in the cargo area (see photos below).

Performance aside, the LE enclosures look awesome! They boast an embroidered DD Audio logo on black carpet and protective bar-grill. If you’re ready to Upgrade Your Sound™, hop into your nearest DD Audio authorized dealer and have a listen. Most people are impressed by the power these babies pack. Find your local DD dealer.

    Visit our FREE upgrade guide for diagrams and suggestion that best fit your needs.