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New loaded enclosures - cover

Load Up on Bass with DD Audio’s Newest Loaded Enclosures!

October 17, 2018


Oklahoma City, OK, October 18, 2018 — DD Audio is proud to announce the immediate release of the newly updated LE-S and LE-M lines of loaded enclosures. With a better look and sound than ever before, these loaded enclosures are a perfect addition to any aftermarket or OEM sound system.

Everyday, drivers are finding their dream cars complete with their ideal interior and features. They’re happy with everything… right up until the moment they begin listening to their driving playlist. That’s when the happiness fades into frustration as their sound system struggles to deliver the rich, smooth bass tones that should be rhythmically guiding them down the road. They’re not asking for a lot. They don’t need a fully customized system that takes up their whole trunk. They just need to fill the depressing void left by a subless audio system.

DD Audio’s loaded enclosures are the perfect solution for filling the bass void without filling the entire trunk. They’re built using MDF with fully sealed seams and feature tuned ports designed to maximize output, while minimizing air turbulence at higher volumes. These optimally sized enclosures are loaded with a specially designed high-efficiency subwoofer, boasting a powerful double stack motor. They are compatible with both 1Ω and 4Ω amplifiers and handle 250 watts RMS to 500 watts peak.

The LE-S and LE-M series loaded enclosures make installation a breeze with plug and play ease, and for those times when additional cargo area is an absolute must, they’re easy to remove and replace with the banana plug terminals. They also feature metal bar grills to protect the sub form the everyday perils of a trunk.

Drivers deserve to hear the full range of sound and DD Audio’s loaded enclosures are one of the best solutions out there for easily adding the low frequency tones that your system lacks. For suggestions on how you can Upgrade Your SoundTM today visit DD Audio’s OEM Upgrade Guide at

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