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Product Spotlight: DD Audio’s M Series – Under the Black Hood

May 23, 2019

What sets the M Series Amplifiers apart from other monoblock amps and makes them stand above the competition worldwide is not its size, power output, or dependability. Nope, it’s not a single one of those things, but rather the killer combination of all three.

The M Series has long enjoyed a reputation in the audio world for not only its footprint to power ratio, but its seemingly boundless stability when performing hour after hour. This isn’t by accident. Concealed within each of these intimidating monoliths are some of the most stable and durable circuit design features found in mobile audio amplification.

One of the most notable design features that allows these amps to achieve the level of performance they do is their LV Power Supply. This technology gives the user the most power possible from their vehicles charging system. This simply means more power to make more bass. You’ll find this feature in every M Series model from the mighty little M1d to the monstrous powerhouse M5.

M Series Amplifier

Beyond the superb circuitry design and audio grade components used to build the M Series, you will find an extensive list of features only found on amplifiers built to a higher standard. These features include things like Strap Mode capability for easy dual amp setup, zero gauge power and ground inputs for optimal current supply flow as well as super durable through bolted RCAs.

Also worth noting are the through-hole mounted modular driver and PWM boards, which greatly improving the serviceability and the amplifiers ability to withstand environmental stress.

These amps have long been revered by extreme bass competitors for their legendary performance, but with multiple size and power options, they’re just as at home in a daily ground pounding system.In the end, it’s all about power and the M Series delivers the goods, producing competition level output with real-world input voltage levels. Just check out these specs!

M1 – Cont Wattage @ 1ohm 1,200×1@12V / 1,700×1@14.4V with Dynamic Wattage 1,500×1
M2 – Cont Wattage @ 1ohm 1,700×1@12V / 2,400×1@14.4V with Dynamic Wattage 3,500×1
M3 – Cont Wattage @ 1ohm 2,400×1@12V / 3,800×1@14.4V with Dynamic Wattage 5,000×1
M4 – Cont Wattage @ 1ohm 3,200×1@12V / 5,000×1@14.4V with Dynamic Wattage 7,000×1
M5 – Cont Wattage @ 1ohm 6,500×1@12V / 8,000×1@14.4V with Dynamic Wattage 10,000×1

If you’re ready to power some serious subs with a smarter amp, both inside and out, contact your local Authorized DD Audio Dealer to check out the full line-up of M Series Monoblock Amplifiers.

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