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Product Spotlight: DXBT-05 Wireless Active Noise Canceling Headphones – The Name Says It All!

February 26, 2019

The world can be a loud place. Children crying, couples arguing, dogs barking, machinery of all kinds, white noise, brown noise, even bassheads with their toys. At DD Audio, we know loud because we go loud. Our expertise in crafting the biggest and the most sonically accurate sound waves brings with it a unique, but nonetheless inherit insight into creating equally strong, but inverted waves. Applying this understanding to our lifestyle line, we designed a new pair headphones that retain all the beauty and acoustics that made the DXB’s famous, while also incorporating noise-canceling technology and bluetooth connectivity. DD Audio is proud to introduce the DXBT-05 Wireless Active Noise Canceling Headphones.

With the ergonomic over-the-ear design, soft cushioned headband, and up to 12 hours of battery life, the DXBT-05’s are made for those with busy and active lifestyles. The handcrafted black walnut housings deliver a naturally wide soundstage while also gleaming a modernist appeal for the style-conscious. The 40mm drivers in the acoustically tuned housings immerse listeners in audio bliss while the Active Noise Canceling filters reduce unwanted external impurities by up to 20dB. Because these studio grade headphones were designed with a wide range of users in mind, DD Audio includes a 3.5mm connection cord for wired play when Bluetooth isn’t an option.

DD Audio designed the DXBT-05 Wireless Active Noise Canceling Headphones to tune you in and tune noise out. Whether hitting the gym, seeing the world abroad, or just staying home to play video games, the DXBT-05’s go where you go, leaving behind the impedance of wires, low battery life, and the distracting noise… and trust us, we know the noise.

Photo of young woman relaxing with DXBT-05 headphones
Photo of young woman relaxing with DXBT-05 headphones

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