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Product Spotlight - D4.100 4 ch amplifier - cover

Product Spotlight: The D4.100 – More Power!

July 17, 2018

The soon to be retired D4.90 never let users down. It consistently accomplished its goals of being a compact, easy to install, powerful and reliable little amp. And yet, DD Audio saw the potential for so much more and decided the time for a revision was now. Armed with technology and a plan based on user feedback, they set out to better the already installer and customer approved D4.90. This month DD Audio is proudly rolling out the D4.90’s replacement and upgrade with the new D4.100.

The D4.100 is every bit as versatile and reliable as its predecessor with features such as 5 way protection, clipping indicator, heavy duty printed circuit board, 4 gauge set screw power terminals, and 12 gauge set screw speaker terminals. New features include panel mounted RCA inputs and a low voltage indicator. Performance improvements were made to the variable high-pass/low-pass/band-pass crossovers, power supply, and output section. And of course, as with the D4.90, the D4.100 is a marine grade amplifier with versatility and easy installation in-mind.

What really separates the D4.100 from its predecessor is power. The continuous wattage went from 90×4 / 240×2 up to 100×4 / 300×2 @ 4ohm and from 120×4 to 150×4 @ 2ohm. What’s more impressive is that DD Audio’s engineers achieved these improvements without sacrificing size. They accomplished this by removing all redundancies and under-utilized components, and focusing on an ultra-efficient design for outstanding performance.

The D4.100 is the now even more perfect little all around multi-channel amp. Ideal for space-constrained installs with enough power to easily drive factory speaker upgrades and beyond.

For more information contact your local DD Audio Dealer or visit the product page.

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