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The VO-M “a” Revision – Improving on Perfection

The VO-M’s have enjoyed a stellar reputation as PA style midrange speakers for their shallow mount design and their ability to deliver high output sound with pitch perfect quality. With the new “A” revision, we’ve taken it to the next level. What makes the VO-M’s So Great? The VO midrange speakers were designed specifically for the most discerning of audio enthusiasts looking to get the pro...

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Tech Talk: PA Practicality – Part One

If you’ve got loud pipes on your bike but you still wanna jam, what’s the move? If you’ve got a huge subwoofer system in your car and it’s drowning out your door speakers, what’s the move? If you’re out thrashing the dunes in your Side by Side and you want the music as loud as that little rapped-out turbocharged motor under the hood, what’s the move? Well, “the move” my friend, is Pro Audio. Pro...

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Product Spotlight: VO-MN6.5 and VO-MN8 Neodymium Speakers – Focused Midrange Response

Creating a true Pro Audio experience means delivering full range perfection; mids, highs, lows, and sometimes, the in between. Sound designers looking to provide such a full range soundscape have come to depend on the refined quality and nuanced designs of DD Audio’s Voice Optimized Series. Each purpose built speaker in this line has unique features which make them indispensable, and while it may...

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DD Audio’s New VO Neo – More Compact, Greater Impact!

PRESS RELEASE Oklahoma City, OK, October 4, 2018 — DD Audio proudly announces the immediate release of the VO-MN6.5 and VO-MN8. The latest additions to DD’s extremely popular Voice Optimized Series are the neodymium driven midrange speakers that are light, compact, efficient and designed for ultra-high output. These speakers utilize premium design features, like anodized aluminum front and rear...

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