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Product Spotlight: DD Audio’s SC4/SC6 Signal Converters – Not All Heroes Wear Aluminum Capes

It has never been easier to Upgrade Your SoundTM thanks to DD Audio’s OEM integration products and pre-configured system options. All of these options include an often overlooked, yet essential component for adding amplification to most OEM upgrades. These unsung heroes are the line output signal converters and they are the first point in the signal path when interfacing with factory head units....

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Upgrade Your Sound.™ Keep Your Factory Looks.

So, you want to upgrade the audio system in your vehicle but you don’t want to remove your factory radio? It has a plethora of useful convenience features you don’t want to lose; things like steering wheel controls and the back up camera are staples in the safe operation of a modern vehicle! Plus, knowing the outrageous prices of the wiring harness and dash kit used to replace that factory radio...

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