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Upgrade Your Sound; Keep Your Factory Look - cover

Upgrade Your Sound.™ Keep Your Factory Looks.

October 26, 2016

So, you want to upgrade the audio system in your vehicle but you don’t want to remove your factory radio? It has a plethora of useful convenience features you don’t want to lose; things like steering wheel controls and the back up camera are staples in the safe operation of a modern vehicle! Plus, knowing the outrageous prices of the wiring harness and dash kit used to replace that factory radio is a major deterrent! Well, lucky for you we have a low cost solution for anyone looking to upgrade their sound! Priced at only $119.00, the DD Audio SC4.1 Signal Converter is the ultimate solution for factory integration!

SC4.1 Key features include:

  • 4 high level inputs with summing capabilities
  • 12V switching turn on or signal sense turn on with pass-through
  • Six RCA outputs (4 full range & 2 for a subwoofer amplifier) all adjustable up to 4 volts

So, what do these features mean you ask? Basically, the SC4.1 will provide everything you need to upgrade your sound without losing any of your factory features! All you need is the SC4.1 and an amplifier! For example, the SC4.1 coupled with the DD Audio A4 Amplifier will drastically increase the performance of your stock speakers yet it’s also powerful enough for a speaker upgrade down the road (see diagram below)! Adding something like our entry level EX6.5 Coaxial Speaker set will put your vehicle on par with many of today’s “premium” factory audio systems for a fraction of the cost! The SC4.1 also features the appropriate outputs for adding a little bump in the trunk with a subwoofer setup!

So let’s break down why the SC4.1 is such a great value compared to other options on the market. We’ll shoot to put together a full aftermarket audio system in a decked out 2016 Chevy Tahoe with a budget of $1000. To install an aftermarket radio in this vehicle a variety of accessories are needed.

  • Dash kit – $30
  • Steering wheel control retention – $60
  • Back up camera retention – $15
  • Antenna adapter – $15
  • Radio wiring – $150+
  • Head unit with navigation – $600

So now we’re sitting at $870 and all we’ve done is make sure all of our factory functions have been replaced with something comparable. Keep in mind we still have to purchase an amplifier or two, speakers, and a subwoofer/enclosure. Oh yeah, then there is labor! Looks like we’re going to bust big time on this hand!

When compared to $870 the small price of $119.00 sounds pretty great right?

Using a SC4.1 to integrate an aftermarket system with factory components allows you to upgrade your sound while keeping a sleek stock look and all of the great convenience features that you have already paid for!

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