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Install Highlight: 2004 Seat Leon – Matchless Achievement

Turning out complete audio system after audio system takes a never ending well of talent, creativity, drive and education. Car Audio fabrication is a monumental task for any install technician, let alone a firm that routinely works on the automotive industry’s finest offerings such as Bentley coupes or Brabus Mercs. Like adding diamonds to the bezel of a Rolex, the craftsmen at Tuning HIFI Shop,...

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Pro Audio – Make Loud Louder!

DD Audio Product Highlight | 20 April 2017   You may have noticed we recently added a Pro Audio category to our website. Mobile Pro Audio is one of the fastest growing segments we see today. Designing audio for an air conditioned car or truck has its own unique and challenging characteristics, then add in an order of magnitude with ambient noise levels and odd distances to the prime listening...

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