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D Class Components and Coaxials - cover

Upgrade Your Sound™ with the D Class Components and Coaxials

January 5, 2017

The new D Class Components and Coaxials are the OE (original equipment) upgrade choice for those with audiophile ambitions. With the D Class, you get all the advanced engineering you need and nothing you don’t!

Great hassle-free sound starts with woofer chassis and tweeter housings designed to fit with and into original door, dash and pillar mounting locations. These compact designs bring stronger motors and higher output capabilities than OE speakers, and their efficiency will allow the listener to get the most from standard infotainment systems and integrated amplifiers.

The motors are enhanced with low inductance shorting rings, the voice coils have double slit aluminum formers, and the mid-range cones combine spun aluminum or acoustically treated pulp with weight balanced butyl rubber surrounds. The 25mm cloth dome tweeters also play well past 20k without breakup modes.

DD Subwoofer Feature Copper Capped Pole Piece
features double slit aluminum former

Compare these D Class Components and Coaxials with any others at 2x or even 3x the price, spec for spec, feature for feature and then listen to some of your favorite tracks. We are confident you will appreciate the extra lengths we go to such as sourcing and tooling the best parts and spending the extra time tuning for lifelike vocals and timbre. When you hit that play button with DDs in the doors, that dull morning drive will now be epic!*

*Results may vary and are subject to one’s relative appreciation of AM hours. Early AM social activity and lack of REM sleep my impact epicness and choice of source material, tonal and bipedal balance.

Don’t Settle for Average. Upgrade Your Sound