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2020 new year cover photo

Welcoming 2020! – A Message from the CEO

December 30, 2019

2020 is upon us and it has a good ring to it. With this new year comes a new decade along with a new opportunity to continue our audible mission. Retailers providing technical service have a good opportunity for growth this year as opposed to those relying heavily on over the counter sales. This is good news for those shops who truly know how to sell a sound rather than just selling a widget, and selling sound is what DD Audio dealers do best. The Increased complexity in automotive design also plays in our favor moving forward, but it does require all of us to invest in training, research time and innovative ways to elevate the mobile music experience for our customers.

This past year DD has expanded our service team, R&D team, composite production and back of the house operations so we can provide our customers with faster lead times on everything from custom builds to customer service. We truly listen to our customers and a large part of how we proceed with new products or revisions to current products is based on customer feedback. Our customers can expect the coming year to bring new product innovations in many areas aimed at making their lives sound better while making that install easier and less time consuming. Our product development team is currently working on new products that meet that criteria in every category and we can hardly wait to show you guys what we’ve been working on.

We are thankful for the opportunity to work with all of you, being a partner in delivering quality service and smile inducing sound system upgrades to the masses. We may not be able to bring peace to the earth, but we’re lucky enough to work in a profession where we get to make the world better one car at a time. After all, driving should be fun!

Jassa Langford