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DD AUDIO Goes All-In on the Non-Fungible Token Market

April 1, 2022


April Fools 2022 Announcement

Oklahoma City, OK, April 1, 2022 — DD AUDIO®, a manufacturer of high-quality mobile audio products for the masses, is proud to announce a bold departure from the traditional manufacturing and development of audio products, and the warm embrace of a new world, in which all DD products are one-of-a-kind, digital assets. Effective immediately, DD AUDIO products will be sold (or auctioned) strictly as NFTs.

“We’ve always believed in making our products personal. For example, our Made in the USA Subwoofers were always customizable, and we made them to fit each customer’s preference on colors, logos, tuning and more” says product development specialist William Gibson, adding “but the biggest problems we would run into with subwoofers, as well as amplifiers, speakers and the rest, was purely physical. Supply chain issues, labor shortages, tariffs, freight surcharges. We’re great at building amazing, personalized audio equipment that everyone loves, and we saw a way to provide exactly that without the bulk. It was so obvious, Non-Fungible Tokens.”

The venture began when the R&D team stumbled across a 10 minute tutorial video on Youtube showing how anyone can become a multi-millionaire just by minting NFTs.

DD’s new head of digital asset management, 18 year old Bobby Zimuruski had this to say: “We had some speed bumps in the beginning. Old Man Doyle (43 year old Kevin Doyle) lost 500 bucks when his hot wallet got hacked in a phishing scam. But we found our footing and pretty soon we were hard hashing, no cap bro”.

The new product line for DD AUDIO’s third quarter should be entirely made up of Non-Fungible Token. Digital paintings of speakers, 3d renderings of subwoofers, photos of amplifiers, and more are already available for auction here at DD soon hopes to mint their years of expertise and their reputation for excellence, by vectorizing the very DNA of their most revered product designers.

Currently, DD AUDIO is winding down the manufacturing wing of their business and has begun selling their physical products with the classification / disclaimer “soon-to-be antiques”.

“We know everyone wants the NFTs, but some of these physical mobile audio products can easily be considered Collectors Items, like old Macintosh computers or VHS tapes of Jerry Maguire”.

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