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VO-B1a and VO-B2a Bullet Tweeters

DD Audio’s Exquisite New Tweeters!

February 14, 2020


Oklahoma City, OK, February 14, 2020 — DD Audio, manufacturer of high quality audio gear for the masses, announces the release of a trio of new oscillatory transducers! These new and revised models sit poised to redefine audible clarity while remaining True to the Source.

The debut model in the new lineup is a replacement for the outgoing VO-CT35. The new VO-CT25 compression tweeter has a clean sheet design leaving no performance behind. DD Audio was able to increase the phenomenal 105dB sensitivity of the previous model to 107dB, while decreasing in size and weight tremendously! The compact nature of this new driver opens up all sorts of install opportunities that would have been impossible with the prior iteration of compression tweeters. The diminutive nature is owed to the high powered neodymium motor construction, and 1” coil utilized on this state of the art driver. This driver is perfect when paired with one of DD’s VO-W Midwoofers or Horn Waveguides.

DD Audio also introduces the strikingly improved VO-B1a and VO-B2a. These ultra efficient drivers boast neodymium magnets for incredible motor strength and ruggedly stylish, yet functional, vivid red anodized heat sinks machined from aluminum billet. The VO-B1a employs a high output 1” diameter voice coil/diaphragm assembly (rated for 100w RMS), and the VO-B2a, sporting an even larger 1.5” coil/diaphragm assembly (rated at a whopping 150w RMS), both benefit from curvilinear wave guides modeled into the sleek design for superior off axis performance and superior high frequency dispersion. The B1a has a frequency range of 3.5kHz-20kHz while the B2a has an impressive frequency range playing down to 2.5kHz, allowing it to pair well with midrange drivers when dedicated three way setups are not possible.

The new sleek, understated look allows these drivers to blend in with even the most boutique interiors for all of the high frequency reproduction you need without having to look garish or intrusive. In an effort for DD to continue to cater to the busy installer, the next benefit of the revision is the ease of installation afforded by the clever reengineering of the terminal system for the powerful duo.

All three models remain serviceable with replacement diaphragms available.

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