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Dealer Spotlight: Car Tunes of The Shoals

March 8, 2018

Shop Name: Car Tunes of The Shoals
Shop Location: Muscle Shoals, Alabama, USA
Owner’s Name: Justin Thornton

Car Tunes Logo

DD: How long have you been in business?:
Justin: We are a new shop, and have been in business for 9 months.

DD: How did you get started in car audio?
Justin: I started years ago competing and things developed over time where I was able to turn my hobby into a full time career.

DD: What made you decide to do car audio for a living?
Justin: I saw a need in my area for quality, custom installs and a higher level of customer service.

DD: Does your shop specialize in anything specific?
Justin: We are a full service shop. If you’re looking for basic factory integration or a full custom build, we are able to handle any request.

DD: How long have you been a DD Audio dealer?
Justin: 8 months.

DD: Where did you first hear about DD Audio, and why did you decide to become a DD Audio Dealer?
Justin: I started out years ago using DD Audio as a competitor. So, when I decided to open my own shop naturally I wanted DD to be my main line. I wanted to offer my customers the best!

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