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DD Audio’s Exquisite New Tweeters!

PRESS RELEASE Oklahoma City, OK, February 14, 2020 — DD Audio, manufacturer of high quality audio gear for the masses, announces the release of a trio of new oscillatory transducers! These new and revised models sit poised to redefine audible clarity while remaining True to the Source. The debut model in the new lineup is a replacement for the outgoing VO-CT35. The new VO-CT25 compression...

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Product Spotlight: Concentric Coaxial Configuration – Greater Than the Sum of Their Parts

Q: What do you get when you combine the powers of Voice Optimized audio components, separately favored by audio enthusiasts for their high output, efficiency, and clean sound, with the new VO-CT-AL HORN A: A mega high-performance horn loaded concentric coaxial! The Voice Optimized series is a hybrid of Pro Audio and Audiophile technologies designed for high fidelity precision. By utilizing...

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Product Spotlight: VO-B4 Super Tweeter

DD Audio Product Spotlight | WRITTEN BY KEVIN DOYLE | February 2018 Ever since we introduced the VO-B3 to our customers it’s been one of our most popular tweeters ever! So, why not up the ante with a bigger, louder version? Behold, the VO-B4 SUPER TWEETER! When comparing the VO-B3 to the VO-B4, customers will notice increased frequency response, higher efficiency and a higher max power handling....

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VO-B4 Super Tweeter is Now Shipping

PRESS RELEASE Oklahoma City, OK, January 18, 2018 — DD Audio’s VO-B4 is now shipping to authorized dealers. The VO-B4 is the follow up to the very popular VO-B3 super tweeter. When comparing the VO-B3 to the VO-B4, customers will notice increased frequency response, efficiency, and max power handling. This was accomplished by using a larger diaphragm and voice coupled to a stronger motor....

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DD Audio Dealer Spotlight: Audio Advantage of South Carolina

DD Audio Dealer Spotlight  |  7 September 2017 Shop Name: Audio Advantage Shop Location: Newberry, South Carolina Owner’s Name: Shane Stafford DD: How long have you been in business? Shane: I Started working in car audio in 1990. DD: How did you get started in car audio? Shane: It started as hobby before I had a driver’s license, and has grown into a passion. It’s not considered work when...

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Pro Audio – Make Loud Louder!

DD Audio Product Highlight | 20 April 2017   You may have noticed we recently added a Pro Audio category to our website. Mobile Pro Audio is one of the fastest growing segments we see today. Designing audio for an air conditioned car or truck has its own unique and challenging characteristics, then add in an order of magnitude with ambient noise levels and odd distances to the prime listening...

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DD Audio Product Spotlight: B Class A La Carte

The B Class Separates are designed to give listeners the perfect combination of LOUD and Clear. This line consists of the 6.5” midrange drivers (BW6.5), 30mm tweeters (BT30), and the passive crossover networks (CC1). For maximum system design flexibility you can use these drivers and crossovers together as a matched component set, or separately when specific system performance characteristics are...

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Stick This in Your Gauge Hole!

When DD Audio recently released the VO-B3 we underestimated the positive response we would receive from one niche of the mobile audio market; the bike guys. The world of  custom motorcycle audio has fastly become as exciting as custom car audio, and we’ve found that while similar to car audio, bike audio’s needs are a little different. Case in point, the VO-B3.  The VO-B3’s unique mobile audio...

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