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Tech Talk: Choosing the Right Line Output Converter (LOC) for Your Install

Cars are not as simple as they used to be… No, it’s not a new concept but we often forget that it’s true. Many new automobiles come equipped with fancy infotainment systems that for aesthetic or even for the vehicle’s electronic system functionality simply can’t be removed without great difficulty. On top of that, these factory audio systems usually come with complicated amplifier options,...

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Product Spotlight: DD Audio’s M Series – Under the Black Hood

What sets the M Series Amplifiers apart from other monoblock amps and makes them stand above the competition worldwide is not its size, power output, or dependability. Nope, it’s not a single one of those things, but rather the killer combination of all three. The M Series has long enjoyed a reputation in the audio world for not only its footprint to power ratio, but its seemingly boundless...

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Product Spotlight: The Concealed Strength of the SS4b Multi-Channel Amplifier

The Ninja are discrete, versatile, precise and reliable. They crawl, soar, strike and vanish. Hidden in plain sight among DD Audio’s amplifier line-up is one such covert killer. Often overlooked, never overwrought, this sharp and powerful little shinobi has earned respect from all who employ its skills. For that reason, we have chosen the SS4b for this month’s product spotlight. Loaded into the...

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Distributor Spotlight: Proaudio® of Mexico

This distributor spotlight was translated from our Español edition. Shop Name: Proaudio® Shop Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco, México Owner’s Name: Luis Fernando Felix Haro DD: How long have you been in business? Fernando: 25 years. DD: How did you get started in car audio? Fernando: In my garage at home. DD: What made you decide to do car audio for a living? Fernando: I liked it, the time lent...

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Tech Talk: All-Star Installers – Amplifier Bench Testing

DD Audio Tech Talk | WRITTEN BY AARON TRIMBLE | 26 September 2017 “I hooked everything up right, but it’s not working.” -Everyone who thinks they know what they’re doing. We’ve all heard it. Heck, some of us at some point in our lives have probably said it. The reason you’re hearing it now is one of two things; the amp is broken, or the person troubleshooting the amp has overlooked something. You’ve...

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DD Audio Install Highlight: 2006 Hummer H2 Luxury – Part 2

DD AUDIO INSTALL HIGHLIGHT | WRITTEN BY LEWIS JACKSON | 12 SEPTEMBER 2017 For the most part, our loyal fans seem to be split right down the middle. On one side we have the bassheads. The “sorry you were sleeping, but this is my jam so now it’s your jam too.” type of guys. Or the, “yes, it really is necessary to play my music this loud.” guys. You know those guys. Then we have our more gentille tifosi....

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DD Audio Expands the D Series Amplifier lineup with the new D4.60

PRESS RELEASE Oklahoma City, OK, August, 28 2017 — DD Audio announces the expansion of their D Series amplifier lineup with the addition of the D4.60. The D4.60 is a mini chassis, one-sided control amplifier designed to make space constrained installations a breeze. This next-gen full-range digital amp delivers 4 x 60 watts of continuous power into 4 Ohm loads and 4 x 85 watts into 2 Ohm loads....

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Tech Talk: All-Star Installers – Found in the Garage, Made on the Bench

DD Audio Tech Talk | WRITTEN BY AARON TRIMBLE | 16 August 2017 Every year, ME-Mag (Mobile Electronics Magazine) releases its TOP 12 installers list. The TOP 12 represents the absolute pinnacle of installers and technicians in the automotive electronics industry as voted on by peers and contemporaries in the business. All these techs are masters of their crafts. They are accomplished fabricators;...

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DD Audio Tech Talk: Budget or Beast

DD Audio Tech Talk | WRITTEN BY AARON TRIMBLE | 18 July 2017 When you consider buying a product and both are equal, you’ll always buy the cheaper one, right? If they both look the same, perform the same task, and have the same level of support, why would you spend the extra money on a more expensive product? Take breakfast cereals – do you want the name brand puffed rice cereal or the store...

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