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Install Highlight: 2001 Chevy Tahoe – A Beauty and A Beast!

Goals are important. Without them, what is the point of success? Why would anyone ever do anything, let alone something labor intensive and difficult, were it not for goals? Goals give us achievements to chase, accomplishments to aspire to, and results to prove our success. They also give us a reason to do more, try harder. When opportunity and hard work meet, that’s when success is found. Having...

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Install Highlight: 2006 GMC Sierra – Powerful, Versatile and Hardly Noticeable

Simple. Little. Basic. Huge. Booming. Crazy. There is no end to the list of adjectives that get thrown around in the realm of car audio. The problem is that these descriptors are almost entirely subjective. They all mean different things to different people. My Mom believes a single 15” woofer on 1000 watts is crazy. To me, it is entry-level. Subjective. Luckily, some of the fine folks who work...

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DD Audio Install Highlight – 1991 Honda Civic CRX

This month’s highlight centers around the arena that first brought the DD name to the forefront of the mobile audio world and high level competition scene. The vehicle in question is Michael Hughes’ 1991 Honda Civic CRX, seen wrecking it at the recent round of World Finals. No stranger to the competition scene, Michael first sampled the DD wares back over 16 years ago, in 2001. Right out of the...

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October Install Highlight

Defiance of convention has been a sort of unofficial mantra at DD Audio for some time now. We pride ourselves on the ability to do things differently than the masses and excel as a result. Periodically, we are reminded that this attitude trickles down through our distribution network to our dealers as well! Having built a killer demo machine stuffed to the gills with enough DD equipment to make...

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