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Install Highlight: 2006 Jeep Liberty – Concert Venue on the Go

Either Confucius, a Princeton professor, or a motivational speaker (depending on your research) came up with the phrase “Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.” This was confirmed in a couple of prior Install Highlight segments featuring the handiwork of our friend and brand ambassador from Sweden, Mr. Matthias Heden, and his outrageous H2. When you love music enough to create...

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DD Audio Install Highlight – 2006 Opel Corsa Utility

This month’s Install Highlight shows how far the audio bug really reaches. Johann Horn of South Africa shared this awesome build in his Ute, proving once again that if you want it bad enough, you can always find room for more sound! For most of us, the amount of sound crammed into this tiny space is beyond necessary, which makes it even sweeter! The equipment list in this vehicle reads like a Christmas...

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September Install Highlight: 2009 Chevy Silverado

Space makes bass, right? Well, in today’s vehicle market, space isn’t always the manufacturer’s top priority. So I’ll have no bass now you ask!? Negative ghostrider, the pattern is NOT full! You basically have two options: let the lack of space keep you from that DD sound you crave, or, take after Jose Garcia at The Audio Shop (McAllen and Pharr, TX) and cram stuff in until it’s loud enough! This...

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July Install Highlight

For this month’s install highlight, we are going to shift gears and show what our customer base can do with their love for DD products! This sweet Colorado belongs to Javier Figueroa. As with many single cab pickups, Javier realized that there isn’t room for the kind of substage he wanted. Rather than accepting that bass was not in the cards for him, he did what any true DD fan would do. He cut...

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June Install Highlight

  This month’s Install Highlight takes a slight departure from what we are used to seeing domestically. While we here in the states tend to focus on what we can do to improve our sounds inside the vehicle, in Trinidad, they really think outside the box! The culture there is geared heavily towards outdoor life and as such, a popular trend in mobile audio is to bring your sound system out of...

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DD Audio April Install highlight

This time around our install highlight focuses on our very own DD Work Van. For a project this important, we again turned to one of our resident OKC audio magicians, Brian Bohannon, of Audio Extremist, LLC. He didn’t so much as blink when presented with the extensive equipment list and the dual zone system design we had lined up for the van, but he did crack a little smile. Utilizing his...

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