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DD Audio Announces The Next-Gen miniZ [ESP8] Design

PRESS RELEASE Oklahoma City, OK, March 31, 2017 — DD AUDIO, the innovator of the Neoclassical Stonhengian Linear Pneumatic Articulator, the one and only Z, is now releasing the next-gen design of the world’s most powerful speaker motor. Our DD Audio ancestors designed the world’s largest transducer, the original Stonehenge, and although the cone, spider, and voice coil have long since...

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Upgrades to U.S. Built Subwoofers

Oklahoma City, OK, February 3, 2017 — DD Audio will be giving their Power Tuned and HiDef Tuned U.S. built Subwoofers some sweet upgrades for 2017. The first thing customers will notice is that all subwoofers built in DD’s Oklahoma City facility will now come stock with composite dust caps, which beforehand was only available for an additional cost. This feature provides both performance and...

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SuperCharged Flux Catapults

A few years ago we introduced the world to SuperCharging (SC). The idea came from a natural occurring phenomenon that was discovered when a rare earth magnet vein running under the Nikiska Olympic 90 meter ski jump hill mysteriously assisted jumpers using ferrous metal ski bindings by catapulting them off the end of the jump at about 147 mph. Luckily there was a pond nearby to catch them. DD harnessed...

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DD Audio’s Free Flow Cooling System

Heat is the Achilles heel of a loudspeaker and causes burned coils, melted glues, blistered coil formers and multitudes of other deaths, by fiery ends. To put it simply, the cooler you keep the voice coil, the more efficient the speaker is, and the longer its life will be. DD Audio’s Free Flow Cooling System, first introduced to the market in 1998, is designed to increase the airflow in and...

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Recone like a pro!

  In an effort to provide our customers with the best product experience possible we recently made a change to the way we ship subwoofer recone kits. In the past, recone kits were shipped fully assembled with the cone connected to the voice coil assembly. All recone kits will now be shipped as a 2-piece kit. We know the knee jerk reaction to this change will be to ask yourself  “Why is DD...

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There Is Always Room For BIG Bass

  There seems to be a serious case of vanishing interior space in today’s vehicles. This is a concerning issue for all the true bassheads out there. For real, what is a true bass aficionado supposed to do when for whatever reason, they just don’t have the room to add a little boom to their system? Well don’t fret, because DD Audio is hard at work making sure there’s plenty of bass to...

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