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Last week debuted the revamped versions of our new VO-B1a and VO-B2a Bullet Tweeters. We’ll bet some of you are wondering exactly where they are best suited for duty. Let’s explore just that, shall we? The VO-B1a bullet style tweeter is a stand alone super tweeter that comes into its own for installs where caution has been thrown to the wind for the substance, and the mids and...

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Product Spotlight: DC6.5 Component Speaker Set – The Abundant Sound of Minimalism

The minimalist lifestyle isn’t strictly adopted by those lacking the means to enjoy extras. Consider the millionaires who could have it all, but choose the timeless trends that offer a more essential and pure quality. Bauhaus architecture, Yeezy fashion, Elemental cuisine, and countless other examples prove that there is plenty to enjoy, even when forgoing the more extravagant options. From DD...

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Product Spotlight: Pebble Sized Upgrades to the D Class Results in a Wave of Change

DD Audio is proud to announce the newly upgraded D Class Speakers, from which the DC6x9a Component Speaker Set is now shipping to authorized dealers. Looking closely at the DC6x9a, it might be easy to miss the improvements. They’re small and blend in with the sleek speakers. But like the proverbial pebble that when tossed into the ocean causes massive waves felt on distant shores, the DC6x9a features...

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The Kind of Loud That Will Melt Your Face Off

DD Audio is re-introducing the new and improved VO-W Woofer Series complete with CT Compression Tweeters! The new VO-W woofers feature cast frames, stronger motors, and larger diameter voice coils for higher power handling. With the unique ability to thread on CT compression tweeters for coaxial applications, these are the perfect tools for building a system that will actually melt your face off! Source...

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