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Dealer Spotlight: Intense Audio and Wheels of Oklahoma City, OK

Shop Name:  Intense Audio and Wheels Shop Location:  Oklahoma City, OK, USA Owner’s Name: Felipe “Flip” Rodriguez DD: How long have you been in business? Flip: Seven years. DD: How did you get started in car audio? Flip: I started doing it for friends as a teenager, and eventually turned it into a business. DD: What made you decide to do car audio for a living? Flip: I wanted to be my...

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Install Highlight: 2015 Cadillac XTS

DD AUDIO INSTALL HIGHLIGHT | WRITTEN BY LEWIS JACKSON | 08 NOVEMBER 2017 Most mobile audio fans at some point wax poetic about what we would do if we had no real restrictions for a build, but the true fact is that most of us have glaring restrictions that keep us from realizing those goals. Luckily for us, there are those daring souls who put it all out there, reach for the stars, and achieve the...

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Install Highlight: Ford Transit Van

DD AUDIO INSTALL HIGHLIGHT | WRITTEN BY LEWIS JACKSON | 10 OCTOBER 2017 This month’s article takes us clear across the world to visit our friends, Murtas Elektroniks, purveyors of some of the finest audio gear to hit the streets of Turkey! Having been in business for a year longer than we have, they have definitely learned what it takes to keep a business thriving! In 2004, they discovered a little...

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DD Audio Dealer Spotlight: Audio Advantage of South Carolina

DD Audio Dealer Spotlight  |  7 September 2017 Shop Name: Audio Advantage Shop Location: Newberry, South Carolina Owner’s Name: Shane Stafford DD: How long have you been in business? Shane: I Started working in car audio in 1990. DD: How did you get started in car audio? Shane: It started as hobby before I had a driver’s license, and has grown into a passion. It’s not considered work when...

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DD Audio Install Highlight: 2001 Ford Excursion

DD Audio Install Highlight | WRITTEN BY LEWIS JACKSON | 11 July 2017 OK bassheads, I know that over the last couple of installments we have dabbled in the practical, the sound quality, and the show quality sides of the mobile audio game. Well, it’s time. Time to go back to what many of the DD Audio loyal have come to know and love DD for, and this month it’s courtesy of Matt Herman of Cartunz, in...

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Pro Audio – Make Loud Louder!

DD Audio Product Highlight | 20 April 2017   You may have noticed we recently added a Pro Audio category to our website. Mobile Pro Audio is one of the fastest growing segments we see today. Designing audio for an air conditioned car or truck has its own unique and challenging characteristics, then add in an order of magnitude with ambient noise levels and odd distances to the prime listening...

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DD Audio Install Highlight – 2007 Harley Davidson Road Glide

DD Audio Install Highlight | WRITTEN BY LEWIS JACKSON | 14 April 2017 Who says you can’t take great sounding, full range audio with you on two wheels? We’ve all grown accustomed to bringing MP3 players, bluetooth music boxes, bluetooth headphones and the like with us when we leave the beaten path. For some, however, taking a little of their music with them on the open road is a whole different ball...

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