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Install Highlight: 2006 GMC Sierra – Powerful, Versatile and Hardly Noticeable

Simple. Little. Basic. Huge. Booming. Crazy. There is no end to the list of adjectives that get thrown around in the realm of car audio. The problem is that these descriptors are almost entirely subjective. They all mean different things to different people. My Mom believes a single 15” woofer on 1000 watts is crazy. To me, it is entry-level. Subjective. Luckily, some of the fine folks who work...

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Install Highlight: 2003 Chevy Astro Van – Nature’s Fury Unleashed with The Magnitude 9!

May 18th, 1980. On a calm spring day, a little piece of scenery known as Mount St. Helen’s decided to rock our nation unexpectedly. May 3rd, 1999. The largest tornado in recorded history set down and changed how we view tornadoes forever. Hurricanes Andrew (category 5), Sandy (category 3), and Katrina (category 5) in ‘92, ‘05, and ‘12 respectively, blew apart buildings and sunk the land. When events...

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Product Spotlight: DD Audio’s M Series – Under the Black Hood

What sets the M Series Amplifiers apart from other monoblock amps and makes them stand above the competition worldwide is not its size, power output, or dependability. Nope, it’s not a single one of those things, but rather the killer combination of all three. The M Series has long enjoyed a reputation in the audio world for not only its footprint to power ratio, but its seemingly boundless...

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Install Highlight: 2004 Seat Leon – Matchless Achievement

Turning out complete audio system after audio system takes a never ending well of talent, creativity, drive and education. Car Audio fabrication is a monumental task for any install technician, let alone a firm that routinely works on the automotive industry’s finest offerings such as Bentley coupes or Brabus Mercs. Like adding diamonds to the bezel of a Rolex, the craftsmen at Tuning HIFI Shop,...

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Tech Talk: I Have The Power – Batteries and Electrical

Tech Talk | WRITTEN BY AARON TRIMBLE | December 2018 Whether you have the Power of Greyskull of not… your car certainly doesn’t. Most cars aren’t equipped to add on any extra amps, lighting upgrades, winches or any of the fancy do-da’s in the “Accessory Aisle” of your local automotive parts store. Outside of some heavy duty off-road lighting (Non LED) or a winch, car audio equipment can be one of...

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Tech Talk: Voltage = Power

DD Audio Tech Talk | WRITTEN BY AARON TRIMBLE | 22 June 2017 What do you see when you look at an amplifier’s spec sheet? In many cases, you’ll see a couple impedance values followed by their respective wattage numbers. If you’re lucky, you’ll see what voltage these values were derived from as well. Very often you will see these amps rated at 13.8v or 14.4v, a value which some vehicles are capable...

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