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DD Audio Announces Additions to the Z-Wire RCA System

PRESS RELEASE Oklahoma City, OK, December 18th, 2019 — DD Audio, manufacturer of high-quality mobile audio products for the masses, is excited to announce the addition of two new components to its Z-Wire RCA System. Based on customer feedback DD developed a Female RCA connector and a Y Adapter Block that works in conjunction with the existing Z-Wire RCA System products. With the introduction...

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Tech Talk: Choosing the Right Line Output Converter (LOC) for Your Install

Cars are not as simple as they used to be… No, it’s not a new concept but we often forget that it’s true. Many new automobiles come equipped with fancy infotainment systems that for aesthetic or even for the vehicle’s electronic system functionality simply can’t be removed without great difficulty. On top of that, these factory audio systems usually come with complicated amplifier options,...

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Tech Talk: Amplifier Bench Testing

Originally published in 2017, this relavent Tech Talk shows us how the All-Star Installers bench test amps! DD Audio Tech Talk | WRITTEN BY AARON TRIMBLE | 26 September 2017 “I hooked everything up right, but it’s not working.”-Everyone who thinks they know what they’re doing. We’ve all heard it. Heck, some of us at some point in our lives have probably said it. The reason...

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Product Spotlight: DD Audio’s M Series – Under the Black Hood

What sets the M Series Amplifiers apart from other monoblock amps and makes them stand above the competition worldwide is not its size, power output, or dependability. Nope, it’s not a single one of those things, but rather the killer combination of all three. The M Series has long enjoyed a reputation in the audio world for not only its footprint to power ratio, but its seemingly boundless...

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Tech Talk: Why are car audio manufacturers still using RCA interconnects for their hardware?

Tech Talk | WRITTEN BY AARON TRIMBLE | February 2018 If you checked in with last months article you’ll remember that this year the Tech Talk is on open mic. All of 2018 is going to be user submitted questions, and boy were there some questions! A lot of you asked questions about the inner workings of speakers, or which sub they should choose for their next bowel shaking bass build, but this month...

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DD Audio Product Spotlight – Z-Wire RCA System

DD Audio Product Spotlight | WRITTEN BY KEVIN DOYLE | 16 May 2017 The DD Z-Wire RCA System is the perfect solution for installers that are tired of low quality, overpriced, too long or too short RCA cables. This unique system pretty much solves all the issues that plague standard RCA interconnects: No more wasting time hiding extra cable lengths, or trying to eek one more inch out of a cable that’s...

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Wham Bam Thank Ya Ma’am!

It’s like that with the new Z-Wire RCA system, quick and easy. With this system you can have the custom built RCA cables that installers desire, but don’t want to mess with because they’re too time consuming to build or too overpriced. This unique system pretty much solves all the issues that plague standard RCA interconnects: No more wasting time hiding extra cable lengths, or trying to eek...

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