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Tech Talk: How to Keep Your Factory Looks and Function with Audio Integration

Integration isn’t that scary when brought into light. It’s true that new cars have a litany of modern features which may complicate an install, but most of these features can be moulded and shaped into an upgrade for your aftermarket stereo, and some can simply be bypassed to create an overall nicer listening experience. This month’s question comes from Allen in Missouri who asks, “I’ve got...

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Product Spotlight: DD Audio’s SC4/SC6 Signal Converters – Not All Heroes Wear Aluminum Capes

It has never been easier to Upgrade Your SoundTM thanks to DD Audio’s OEM integration products and pre-configured system options. All of these options include an often overlooked, yet essential component for adding amplification to most OEM upgrades. These unsung heroes are the line output signal converters and they are the first point in the signal path when interfacing with factory head units....

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Install Highlight: 1994 Fiat Panda

DD AUDIO INSTALL HIGHLIGHT | WRITTEN BY LEWIS JACKSON | 10 JANUARY 2018 As many of our loyal fanbase knows, DD Audio has long since been a staple in competition here in the states. That is where we made our name, and still hold our own despite the onslaught of potential competition. Just as that bass bug spread domestically the rest of the world has felt it too, just ask our man, Luuk Tissingh,...

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Summing Summarized

  As the technology available in today’s OEM car audio systems progresses so must the technology offered by aftermarket audio companies. Many new cars come out of the factory equipped with all sorts of radio features like bluetooth, backup cameras, touch screens, and sometimes even automated driving functions. However, regardless of the price tag, most OEM car audio systems fall short of what...

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Good speakers behaving bad?

So, you just installed a set of sweet DD Audio A Series components and they sound pretty good…  but not great. WTF? Here’s the deal. If you could install your speakers leveled with your ears, equidistant from the listening position, in identical enclosures, without any acoustic obstructions, then you would have achieved GREAT sound. The problem with car audio is that you’re at the mercy of this...

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